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2013 Bedroom Paint Colors for Rich Look

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | Bedroom

There are many 2013 bedroom paint colors that you can choose to accent the wall in your haven. Bedroom is considered as a private and peaceful space. You can make it look interesting with rich and special tones.

The selection of color can be based on the personality on the occupant. If the trend does not suit you, it will be okay if you carry a simple modification about it. Thus, you can follow the latest trend without sacrificing your true personality. The next year trend offers the home owners with rich color. You can carry a nice combination of dark and light shade. For example, you can accent the wall with a mixtures soft green and orange or coffee brown with creamy white.

If you like with trendy styles, you can choose the combination of burgundy and olive green, chocolate brown and powder blue, indigo and creamy brown or mustards and taupe. Even though the 2013 bedroom paint colors are dominated with such rich color, you can pick pink shade for adorning the girl bedroom. Choose dusky pink for it can deliver the elegant feel without eliminating the feminine look. If you do not want to enjoy an overwhelmed pink color, you can choose the soft pink. It can carry cozy and charming character on the room.

Pink should not be the only shade to beautify the daughter’s bedroom since it will look busy. You can make it vibrant by adding as splash of yellow. For example, you can paint the wall in pink, while the architectural design like the door, window and trim can be in apricot yellow. If you do not like with yellow, you can choose pastel blue or even sage green color. Both are considered as soothing tones they can make the occupants sleep well at night. Choose the 2013 bedroom paint colors wisely if you want to set the right mood.

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