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2013 Dining Room Colors For A Small Room

Saturday, May 25th 2013. | Dining Room

2013 dining room colors can make your small dining room look big and fresh. A small dining room can be the most difficult part in the house that you need to tackle. The occupants in the house will be uncomfortable to eat and have a conversation in this place if it looks small and tight.

You can do many things to make the dining space look bigger. Use light tones to dominate the dining room. The dark shades can be utilized to accent some elements such as accessories and furniture. The main shade should come in light tones.

You can bring warm feeling by painting the wall with earthy tones of beige, rust, tan and taupe. If you love to present decorative elements in the 2013 dining room colors, you can choose rich colors. They can carry bright and striking effect in the space. However, you need to keep the dining room simple. Too many colors can make your space look busy and it can banish the simplicity and dimension of your dining room. If you like to stay easy and neat, white color is perfect. You can combine it with striking colors like aqua, teal, lime green, and fuchsia to eliminate the stark effect.

The next thing that you can present in the room is the lighting.  You can install glass window to maximize the sunlight. The furnishing on your window can be minimized. You can leave it bare so that the sunlight can break in the room. If you like to have a vinyl or white wooden frame of window, you can bring contrasting style by draping a burnt orange or brick red curtain. If you want to brighten the room at night, you can turn on the artificial lighting. 2013 dining room colors look perfect with silver framed chandelier or pendant lighting.

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