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2013 Living Room Colors For Engaging Style

Monday, June 3rd 2013. | Living Room

If you like to carry engaging look at home, you can decorate it by using 2013 living room colors. Living room color can bring dramatic effect at home. You can renew the mood in the living room within seconds. There are many color combinations that you can choose.

However, you need to ensure that you can present the mood that you like to perceive. If you like to enjoy striking effect without eliminating the natural and cozy look, you can choose the combo of brown and teal. Teal is considered as a vibrant color to have, while brown can add comfort in the living room.

This combo is becoming a trend nowadays for people love to enjoy modern look in the next step. You can avoid the boring black and white combo. Choose teal and brown for both can address unique style in the living room. It is a balance color to use for you will never feel the overwhelming state. You can banish the striking effect if you want to make the 2013 living room colors softer. Introduce the third colors such as off white, beige, tan, cream, mocha, and taupe to make it natural and cozy. You can have the wall painted in light brown colors.

You can choose cream to deliver the romantic and soft feeling. Then you can shop for the wooden furniture pieces made from dark colored brown wood.  The fabric in the room can be made in teal color. You can choose the area rug, curtain, upholstery and pillow shams made in teal to carry engaging style in the living room. The shelving unit can be painted in dark brown. Set it on the cream wall and fill it with teal ceramic, statues, figurines, potteries, and china for striking appearance in 2013 living room colors.

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