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2013 Living Room Ideas with Brown Shades

Wednesday, November 6th 2013. | Living Room

Brown is a neutral color to decorate 2013 living room ideas. The people living in a small or big home can decorate the house with brown shades. You can pick the dark or light one. If you want to keep it easy and natural, the light tone of brown is perfect.

You can dominate the living room with beige, cream, taupe, and tan, ecru or sandy coral. Those colors can make the small living room bigger. They can be used to decorate any types of living room design.

The people who like to create the romantic ambiance in the 2013 living room ideas can use cream or beige as the main color on the wall. Then you can set a full set of sofa in light purple. The decoration on the sofa can be maintained by using the white floral toss pillows. A wall sconce with the floral pattern fixtures looks great on the wall. The people who want to enjoy the modern feeling can decorate the furniture pieces such as chairs, sofa, chaise lounge and benches in coffee brown wood. This color can bring natural effect without reducing the formality in the living room. You can bring elegance by having the Victorian living room. The chairs with carved and curvy legs are decorated in coffee brown. The upholstery can be made in golden yellow color in dragons or floral pattern.

If you want to suit the coffee brown color, choose other light or pastel shades. They can create coordinated look at home. Avoid coffee brown as the main shade on the wall. If the living room is created in country decor, brown can be the best color to choose. You can infuse the natural brown color from the wooden chairs, table, and wall. You can install paneling by using wooden sheet in natural brown color to make it 2013 living room ideas traditional and fresh.

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