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Bamboo Plants in Minimalist Landscape Design

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | Garden, House Design

The minimalist landscape design is suitable for the home owners who just want to enjoy low maintenance. Being a landscaper is not an easy thing to do. You need to educate yourself first about the right decoration to apply on the garden and backyard.

Many people who love with simple and easy landscaping design. Opt for the Japanese garden since it is easy to apply at home. The minimalist look is great to adorn the small backyard. You do not need to bath the garden with a lot of colorful plants. The beauty is great not only to set on the garden, but also in the commercial building.

One of the main materials that you should present in the Japanese garden is stone and sand. You can pick the larger size of bricks and sand to carry the elegant and functional design. The material is great to use for building the pathways, bridge, and pond. All of the structures are considered as the basic elements in minimalist landscape design. The water element inside the Japanese garden like stream, pond and waterfall can be decorated by using gravels located on the border area.

The people who do not like with water element in the garden since it is too complicated to maintain, can skip this idea. You can have a dry pond and fill it with sand. Now think about the plants and foliages to set on the backyard. The selection of flower should be minimalist and simple. You can choose bonsai and bamboo plants as the main foliage since both can bring the oriental feeling. The people who have a big backyard can opt for larger foliage such as palm, maple and cheery tree. All of them are beautiful since you can enjoy cheery blossom while you have a picnic in this minimalist landscape design.

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