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Bathroom Floor Plan Remodel: 3 Layout Ideas to Steal

Sunday, February 8th 2015. | Bathroom, Floor

Bathroom Floor   When it comes to update the bathroom appearance, you need to have bathroom floor plan remodel as the reference on your makeover project. This plan will be a good starting point in making your desired bathroom design coming true. Whether it is for master or guest bathroom, make sure you have these plans to set you on well-prepared planning. This post holds some ideas of remodeled bathroom plan. Enjoy the reading and be ready to pick the one that suits to your needs.Bathroom Floor Plan

Bathroom design depends on the size and shape of the space. The key is how creative you are on maximizing every-inch-space. For example, when you have a long and narrow space for bathroom, perhaps it is better to accommodate a toilet and large shower at one end while soaking tubs at the other side. To avoid cramped feeling, this bathroom floor plan remodel uses floating modern vanity drawers along the hallway of the bathroom. Add some bright walls tiles and clean look tile flooring will be benefits in making a bigger illusion.Bathroom Floor Plan Remodel Layout Ideas to Steal

For many cases, bathroom can be built on the L-shaped space. If you work this shape, you might start this remodeled bathroom plans idea with the use of simple and modern furnishing. Put the shower bath at the L-corner, so you are free to have ample space for dressing up in front of the vanity. Once the bath is already set, you can decorate the rest space by putting vanity and toilet. Let the hallways free from furnishings and you are going to have great bathroom floor plan remodel. Choose for glass door and shower glass wall to make this small bathroom feels more open.Bathroom Floor Plan Remodel

If you own a large space of bathroom and have no certain floor plans to go, perhaps you are interested on following versatile bathroom arrangement. You can start placing bath up at certain end, while shower bath at the other side, toilet and vanity are in between. This bathroom floor plan remodel will provide some breathable space among the functional zones. Bathroom Floor Plan Remodel 3 Layout Ideas to Steal

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