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Bathroom Ideas with Cottage Design

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013. | Bathroom

One of the cozy bathroom ideas that people can have is cottage design. If you hate with royal feeling and want to enjoy the simple and casual design, cottage bathroom style is the best selection. You do not need to see any modern items and accessories.

You are free to decorate the room to recreate inviting and welcoming mood. Many items in the bathroom can be used to encourage people to relax and unwind in the bathroom. You just have to mix and match different accessories and furniture in the bathroom. You can have the replica of cottage furniture.

You do not need to purchase the original one because it can cost you a lot. The decorative pieces in bathroom ideas should be presented to enjoy the authentic feeling. You can go to the hand crafted stores and get a gilded gold mirror for decorating the vanity wall. A pedestal sink is great to combine with baroque styled bins. The vanity area can be decorated with functional items such as silver comb, brush and an urn of fresh flowers. The window in the bathroom should never look plain. You can make it adorable with a set of toile pattern curtain. Pick the one in light tone to promote the flow of sunlight in the bathroom.

The floor in the bathroom is warm if you set an oval braided area rug. If you want to put the washcloths and bath towel, you can set a wicker basket on the comer space. If you want to accommodate the small items and knick knacks such as bath beads, cotton swabs, cotton balls and soap, you can use some mason jars in uniform design. If you want to set the bathrobe or other items in hanging position, you can set a wooden pegboard behind the door or wall in the cottage bathroom ideas.

Bathroom Ideas with Cottage Design:

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