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Beautiful Bedrooms with Garden Inspiration

Friday, August 23rd 2013. | Bedroom

Get the inspiration from the fresh and engaging garden if you want to enjoy beautiful bedrooms. Each person has different style when defining beauty in their personal space. The sex of the occupants in the bedroom determines the style of beauty.

It is not possible for a man to define their beautiful bedroom with floral and fringe decoration. They tend to choose the edgy, sophisticated and modern feeling to define the beautiful feeling. You are wrong if you think that a beautiful bedroom should come in floral pattern.

In this case we will talk about the beautiful bedrooms used to grace the girls’ bedroom using garden inspiration. Garden is filled with flower, greenery and plants. Choose the color in the bedroom inspired from the natural feeling. The colorful flower in pink, mauve, red, and yellow can be main shade to choose. Avoid red as the wall paint because it looks irritating. You can use it to adorn the accessories like lampshade, curtain or area rug. The main color for the wall can be gained from the green plant. There are many shades of greens to pick. You can go with relaxing and refreshing ones such as olive green, lime green, mint green and sea foam green.

The border of the wall can be decorated with red rose wallpaper border. If you like tulip, choose the wallpaper border in orange or yellow. The ceiling and floor can be derived from the color for wooden tree. Choose the light tone of wood in beige, tan or cream to evoke the bigger look in beautiful bed. The garden inspiration looks nice if the bed frame, dresser, sofa, and end table come in wooden material. Avoid the intricate pattern if the space is tight. You can grace the pieces in sleek and simple design to make the beautiful bedrooms stylish.

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