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Beautiful House Design with Total Remodeling

Monday, September 9th 2013. | House Design

Beautiful house design can be perceived if you want to carry total remodeling at home. A house is very important for some people. It is the place where you can hide form the harsh sunlight and heavy rain. You need to make the house fun, comfortable and cozy.

You can entertain the guests and neighbors at home. Making your house beautiful does not require a lot of cash. You just have to focus on some parts of the area at home. You do not to replace the whole items in the house because it can cost you a lot.

You need to think about the light. If you find that a home is too dark and gloomy, you can replace the heavy curtain. Bring more natural light at home to carry bigger impression. A roller blind on the window is perfect to have. You can control the natural light easily by rolling up the blinds. Color takes a big part in remodeling the beautiful house design. You can choose the color schemes at home based on your personal style, but ensure that you never forget about the dimension in the room. If your house is small, avoid the bold shade.

Even though you like with bold shades such as lime green, red, and orange, they tend to carry smaller impression in the room. You can choose light and neutral shades. Add a hint of bold shades as the accent color for the accessories. The flooring should be simple and easy if the dimension in the room is small. You can choose marble, vinyl or even ceramic tiles to decorate the floor in the kitchen and bathing room. The living room and bedroom in beautiful house design look wow if the floor is decorated with soft materials such as hardwood and carpet.

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