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Beautiful Small Home Interior Design Ideas

Monday, October 8th 2012. | House Design

Having a beautiful home interior doesn’t have to be expensive. The creative and smart design can actually change a tiny house interior into a comfortable and elegant one that’s efficient for all the home occupants.

To maximize a tiny home interior, you can try to apply these tips into your interior design planning :

1. Mirrors can create a spacious sense in the room. Put a few mirrors in the dining room and the living room. Integrating one big mirror in the right spot can give strong effect to a room.

2. The use of sliding doors can slightly save space.

3. Expand the storage space in the kitchen area. Because even a tiny room, it doesn’t mean that the kitchen appliances may fall apart around the kitchen. The existence of the top and bottom cabinets are very useful for storing the cooking and eating appliances.

4. In the bedroom, choose a minimalist concept to present the relaxing ambience. Let the walls plain without decorations, and use simple patterned bed linen. Choose a simple-shaped lamp. For low-ceiling room, use white color on the walls and ceiling to make the room more spacious.

5. Use built-in furniture to get around the small space. The closet can be built inside the wall, so we just need to install the closet doors. This idea can extremely save space and budget.

6. In the living room, choose a set of sofa designed not only for a place to sit. Choose a Multi-functional sofa model equipped with storage drawers underneath.

7. For the dominant color in your interior, choose the bright or a calm color to give the spaciousness inside the house. For example, yellow, green or even white are suitable for a small house.

8. Give the finishing touch by putting some simple paintings on the wall. But keep it simple and minimal.

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