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Bedroom Colors for 2013 with Neutral Shades

Tuesday, September 10th 2013. | Bedroom

Neutral shades can be the best bedroom colors for 2013. Bedroom color should make you sleep well at night. If the colors in the bedroom keep bothering your sleep at night, you can need to reapply a new splash of colors.

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Many people are wrong when they apply the combo of their favorite colors in the bedroom. The main thing to concern when choosing the color is the mood to perceive. You need to avoid the bold shades such as mauve, red, and lime green as the main hues. You will not be able to sleep well because those colors are too irritating.

You should choose the colors which can carry relaxing mood. Neutral colors can be the basic colors to choose. There are myriad soft neutral hues to choose. You can get it inspired from the look of nature. The most popular neutral tone to pick is white. This color is applicable in any types of interior design whether it is modern, vintage country, traditional or even ethnic. However, you should be careful when decorating the room with white bedroom colors for 2013. You should never make the space stark. If you go with white on white decoration, it looks nice. You will never perceive stark and plain feeling because you need to combine shades of white.

You can pick the bedding in ivory white. The wall looks nice in icy white, while the accessories look wonderful in off white. It can create romantic feeling. Other neutral shades are derived from the look of earthy tones. You can choose beige, taupe, light brown, rust, tan, ecru, eggshell, and sandy coral. Those colors are perfect to define the main area in the bedroom such as the floor, ceiling and wall. Bedroom colors for 2013 with neutral shades can be combined with bright colors such as honey yellow, orange, and teal.

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