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Bedroom Of Girls In Retro Design

Tuesday, April 16th 2013. | Bedroom

Retro design looks perfect if it is used to define the interior for your bedroom of girls. Retro bedroom decor can bring playful effect in the girl’s sleeping area. You can choose colorful, whimsical, and vibrant decoration to make the bedroom pop and fun.

You can choose the perfect pattern which can present the bold and personal style in the bedroom. There are many patterns and colors that you can have as the inspiration. You can go with glitzy disco 1970 or even the tie dyed floral pattern of 1960s. Both can deliver unique style in the bedroom.

If your girl loves to enjoy the simple design, she can choose the inspiration of 1950’s decoration. You can go with some posters of famous rock star in the era. If you love with feminine design, you can adorn the bedroom of girls with colorful and ruffled ribbon. The poodle and ponytail design looks nice if you integrate in the bedroom. What about the window covering in the room? You can choose it in pattern for it can deliver vibrant style in the room. You can go with musical note, poodles, polka dot, floral, or even juke box prints.

Suit the print for your window covering with print of your bed linen and comforter. It can bring cohesive style in the bedroom. If you like to enjoy the inspiration of 1960s design, you can choose the tie dyed color for the window covering and bed linen. If you like to enjoy multicolored deign, you can pick the curtain in various shades. It can be installed with some shining beads. To carry the feminine and dramatic design in retro bedroom, you can pick a nice focal wall. Decorate the wall with an image of daisy flower. Pick the color for the print in bedroom of girls in striking accents like sunset yellow, lime green or fuchsia.

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