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Big Dining Room Ideas with Wine Color

Sunday, April 7th 2013. | Dining Room

The wine color is great to decorate using big dining room ideas.  The dinner party at home looks adorable and nice if you can make it festive and excellent. The selection of color is important to note here. You need to choose the luxury one which can reflect the rich and adorable style.

You can adorn the wine colored dining room by picking the right color of wall, floor and ceiling. Begin the decoration by treating the floor. If you have set the burgundy paint for the wall, you need to choose the light colored floor to reduce the overpowering effect of wine color on the wall paint.

You can install light colored oak as the flooring treatment. Then you can set a simple area rug in wine red color. It can be made in Persian style which can deliver the opulent style in big dining room ideas. The wine colored wall looks excellent and rich. But you need to decorate it by setting a focal point on the wall. You can set a big framed of family picture in the room. You can also choose one focal wall and adorn it using a border of red grapes. An intricate mirror can deliver the shining feeling when eating your delicious food at home.

If the dining room is equipped in a window, don’t keep it in bare style. You can enjoy a Versailles place by installing a velvet damask curtain. If you want to maintain the privacy without blocking the light in the room, you can have a simple wine colored sheer curtain. Now think about the table centerpieces and decoration. You can have the table adorned with silver ware. The napkin, table top and table runner can be made from burgundy colored cloth. The burgundy big dining room ideas look wonderful and rich.

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