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Bold And Playful Look In Modern Home Ideas

Monday, April 29th 2013. | House Design

Modern home ideas come in different styles. You can choose the eco design, bold, playful and futuristic look. You can make the living room look bold and playful by using modern ideas.

Your living room will look edgy and new with the right modern treatment. It is the time for you to apply a new remodeling if the living space has not received any remodeling project for the last three years. Even though you need to stick on simplicity, you are allowed to add bold colors in the room to accent the accessories. The furniture pieces in the room like table, chairs, sofa and cabinet should come in clean lines.

Avoid the ornate one even though it can carry luxury in the room. You can brighten the stark white wall by using the red painting. Lime green toss pillows can banish the plain look on your black colored sofa. If you want to make the wall in modern home ideas more vibrant to view, you can use geometric wallpaper in the focal wall. To carry the open flair, you can install the wall made from glass. You can have a great room rather than installing a separate room for the living room, dining room and kitchen. To maintain privacy, you can use a non permanent room divider.

The futuristic effect at home is presented by using the high technology features on the living room. You can add a hint of chrome or brushed nickel accent for the floor lamps, overhead lighting and photos frames. If you want to incorporate the eco design ideas on the modern house, you can choose the repurposed and recycled material. The floor can be installed using bamboo floor. If you want to have a wooden floor, you can choose teak or oak since both are reclaimed wood for modern home ideas.

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