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Boy Bedroom Ideas with Masculine Design

Friday, November 15th 2013. | Bedroom

Boy bedroom ideas should preserve the masculine details. The sleeping room is not a place where the boys can enjoy the feminine design. You need to avoid any pink or purple colors. You need to make it look masculine with sleek and simple design.

There are many themes to go. You can go with motorcycle or car theme to decorate the bedroom. You can have the bed frame made in car shape. Then you can decorate the bed frame with the bedding, toss pillow and comforter made in car printed design. You can have it inspired by the look of Lighting McQueen in the movie Cars.

If you want to make the boy bedroom ideas easy and simple without any theme, you can have it decorated in modern design. You can enjoy the masculine feeling by using the color of white and black as the main shade. You can have the dresser in sleek and shining color. The bed frame, chairs, desk and nightstand are made in black color. One thing for sure the solid colors should be presented in the bedroom. You can add bold colors such as lime green, electric blue, grey or maroon as the accent tone in the room.

The window treatment should be plain. You do not need to use any intricate and beautiful curtain with pleated design. You just have to install shutter or blind made from bamboo to make the room nature. The area rug can be made in abstract pattern to make the room vibrant. Since most boys cannot organize their bedroom, you need to install storage space in the room. It can avoid any clutter. A bookcase can be used to accommodate all books and other small knick knacks. The sofa with some drawers can be used to accommodate the additional clothes and accessories in boy bedroom ideas.

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