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Ceiling Decorations for Kids Room

Saturday, September 27th 2014. | Baby bedroom, Ceiling

The conditions and decorations of your kids’ room may determine the behavior and mood of your children. It is important for you to ask your children what kind of decoration they prefer to, so they will be comfortable in their own rooms. However, sometimes we miss one important element inside our house which is ceiling decorations.


 Color is an important element which influences your children’s mood, especially when they wake up in the morning and stare at the ceiling. You can ask what color which suitable for their room, and decide whether make it plain or patterned. If your children prefer the ceiling to be patterned, it is better for you to make it by stencil. Match the ceiling color with the color of the rug or sheet to make the room prettier. A picture of rising sun painted with bright colors is a good example of ceiling decoration inside your children’s rooms.

  Of course each room of your house needs proper amount of lighting for your sake of health and comfort. To make your children feel more comfortable, you can utilize lighting as ceiling decoration for their rooms. You may cut some colored papers to decorate the lamp and make the light fancier. Color combination may not be a bad option to decorate kids room, so do not be afraid to put some color inside the room.


 Who say putting wallpaper on the ceiling is a sin? If you do not have any idea of patterning the ceiling or confuse in deciding the proper color, you can put wallpaper on the ceiling of your kids’ rooms. The color and pattern of wallpaper may vary, so ask your children to accompany you in purchasing the wallpaper. Picture of favorite cartoon character is a good choice for ceiling decoration of your children’s room.




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