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Ceiling Designs with Intricate Decoration

Friday, August 23rd 2013. | Interior Design

Ceiling designs never look bad if you can evoke the right decoration. There is no need to stick with stark white ceiling. It can make the space look boring and stark. You need to make the ceiling look different with a new style and decoration.

Best Interior Ceiling Designs

Avoid the modern feeling in the ceiling because it presents plain and basic look. You need to choose the engaging style by using intricate pattern. Ask a professional contractor to make a good design on the ceiling.

If you are afraid about the budget, I suggest you to make a comparison shopping first about the price of ceiling designs. You can pick a big crown molding decoration from gypsum to create a grandeur style. A metal piece can be mounted on the ceiling if you what to enjoy majestic feeling in Victorian or gothic decor. The metal pieces usually are painted in gold accent with red or royal blue pattern. Fill the middle space with a wrought iron chandelier painted in gold accent too. It can grab the attention of the people when they walk along the hallway.

If you want an intricate design with nice images, you can hire an artist to depict the medieval life in the past. The ceiling decoration will look engaging. It can tell story to the viewer when they walk around the living room and hallway. The crystal chandelier can add appealing effect. The intricate decoration should look lavish and grandeur. You can make it look natural, simple and easy by adding wooden paneling on the ceiling.

This style is the perfect option for the people who want to renew the ceiling in country or cottage house. The floor can be decorated with similar wood sheets. The installation on the wooden sheets in ceiling designs can be in horizontal or vertical position.

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