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Cheap And Simple Modern Home Decor Ideas

Tuesday, October 16th 2012. | House Design

Having a low budget home with a good design, either interior and exterior might be one of the hardest things to do. Especially, if we decide to hire an architecture or interior design, the budget will rise up anyway.

However, we still can overcome by getting information about constructing a cheap and simple modern home design. There are four characters related to the beauty of a house design. First, the energy saving element is obtained naturally through natural ventilation. Use the local house materials as well as recycled materials.

Second, the eco-friendliness element of the house. It’s seen from the availability of green open space in the area of the house like the front or back garden and in-house plants. It’s also recommended to empower the local potential. For example, by adapting the design of traditional houses, which is known by the natural impression.

Third, the proper interaction between the inside part of the house with the outside side of the house space. Fourth, the house is a reflection of its owner so that the characteristics or the personality of the homeowner can be represented by the house.

To get a home based on those criteria doesn’t take much money. One of the alternatives to save more money on the construction and the maintenance of the home, you can try the technique “exposed home design”.

For example, instead of using floors made of marble, you can simply use cement (exposed cement flooring) for the flooring selection. Besides being more efficient, the cement floor is easy to maintain.

Another alternative, you can try to build a house without having it painted. It may seem a bit weird and unfamiliar, but by applying this method, you can minimize more the budget for the paints and it’s also energy saving. As the replacement, you can simply use the technique of exposure or shaft-coated. Therefore, the wall is covered by the coated shaft.

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