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Colorful Living Room Shelf Design India

Tuesday, April 9th 2013. | Living Room

You can avoid the drab and gloomy look in the living space by presenting the living room shelf design India. India is a rich country. It offers you with a lot of cultures reflected on the interior design. You can make the room, luxury, ethnic and fabulous with colorful paint on the wall, luxury textures and vibrant pattern.

Decorating your living room in Indian look is a good job to do, but you need to gather much information about the element that you should present to bring the Indian air. You can deliver stunning style by adding texture for the upholstery and wall paint.

The stunning wooden furniture with dark finish is great to bring grandeur style. You can add the mughal style if you love with rich, luxury and majestic effect. The first thing to do is picking the right color palette. The Indian living room looks great with various shades of bright green, violet, purple, blue, gold, red, and orange. You need to avoid the pastel and soft color palettes since they can represent the living room shelf design India well. If you want rich feeling, you can paint the wall in maroon. The curtain for the window can be made in gold color with red bead on the border.

The sofa is great in floral pattern. It can come in gold shade. Then you can accent the sofa with cashmere toss pillows in maroon color. The area rug under the coffee tube should not be left in bare accent. You can spread an Indian patterned area rug. It can be made with medallion pattern on the center of the rug. You can have it deep brown color to suit with hardwood flooring in India living room. If you want to reduce the bold and rich shades in the living room shelf design India, you can paint the ceiling and trim line in subtle colors of white, tan and cream.

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