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Colors In Asian Themed Living Room

Sunday, April 28th 2013. | Living Room

Asian themed living room is inspired by the presence of Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese or even Indian style. The color palette in the room should be decided so that you present the Asian character in the living room, bedroom and dining room.

The focal wall can look bold, while the accent wall can be decorated with neutral colors like beige, at cream or white. You do not need to represent the tranquil setting if you love with Indian style. It allows you to deliver the room with rich and jewel tones like jade green, violet, indigo, total blue, ruby red or emerald green colors.

If you want to bring peacefulness in the room, you can get the inspiration from the Japanese or Chinese room. The first color to use is red since it is the perfect color for the public rooms like living room and dining rom. However, you should never present this color to adorn the bedroom. If you want have red for the Asian themed living room, you can use it as the accent color. Don’t go too far by using red to paint the wall for it looks too much. You can have it for the color of your sofa.

It can be set as the focal point in the room. You can pick maroon or wine red color to deliver the dark cooking style. If you like to enjoy futuristic style in Asian living room, you can choose black. If your room is filled with a lot of natural light, you can paint the wall in black color. You can make it crisp and clean when choosing white as the accent.  The window covering can bring interesting effect if it comes in sheer white curtain. The area rug, coffee table and toss pillows can be made in white too. The interesting pieces like lampshade, vases and mirror can feature silver color to make Asian themed living room shining.

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