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Combining Kitchen and Dining Room with Great Storage Space

Friday, August 16th 2013. | Dining Room, Kitchen

Combining kitchen and dining room should be done if you only have limited area at home. The storage space should be presented if you want to make the space fabulous and ample. Creativity is very important to define the interior design in dining room and kitchen.

Without using your own imagination, the interior in both rooms will be lack of styles. Perhaps you can ask some suggestions from your partner to carry the interesting decoration in kitchen and dining room. You can increase the efficiency in the space by using minimalist and modern home decor.

Look at the storage space first. If you do not have ample room to move from the dining room and kitchen, there must be something wrong with the layout in the dining room and kitchen. You need to eliminate the unimportant pieces so that the traffic way in the combining kitchen and dining room is not blocked. The kitchen island is perfect to use as the additional storage space if you do not intend to set a big dining table in the combined rooms.

If you skip the placement of kitchen island, you can set a sideboard. Pick the one with dual duty function. It can be equipped with a lot of drawers that you can use to keep the china, tools, and equipment. If you find out that many items in the kitchen and dining room cannot be accommodated with the storage space in both areas, you need to note on the types of tools used in the space. If the tools come in sleek design, you do not need to consume much storage space. Don’t forget to install shelving unit to accommodate many knick knacks in kitchen. You can add stools if you want to have a seating space in combining kitchen and dining room.

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