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Comfortable Eclectic Living Room With Charming Design

Saturday, May 18th 2013. | Living Room

Bring the charming atmosphere with comfortable eclectic living room. Eclectic decoration is great for the home owners who like to enjoy unique and exotic feeling in the room.

You need to treat the living room differently if you want to have fun at home. It can make the room funky, playful and beautiful depending on the style that you have chosen to make the room appealing. You can pick the curtain, artwork, pillows and figurines in matching style. The decorative items are great to make the living room more adorable. You can shop for such pieces on the local artisan stores.

If you have more leisure time, why don’t you have a ride on the flea market or antique stores in town? The decorative pieces can be in the form of painting, mirror or metal pieces. If you want to make the room bigger, you can choose mosaic framed mirror. The painting sold in the stores comes in various images. You can choose the one which can beautiful and ethnic effect in comfortable eclectic living room. When you want to shop for a new curtain for your comfortable eclectic living room, don’t choose the plain and simple one. You can go with intricate design.

For example, you can have the rich colored curtain with fringe, embroidery or even beads. When you like to carry colorful effect on the coffee table or window sill, you can use ceramic vases of flowers. The decorative pillows can make your sofa look wonderful and amazing for you can bring pattern and color on the pillows shams. You can add drama when you repaint the wall in the living room with a new shade of color. If you want to avoid any gloomy effect in comfortable eclectic living room, you can choose light colors in white, grey, silver, gold, orange, sunny yellow and jade green.

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