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Countertop in Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Tuesday, February 4th 2014. | Kitchen

Kitchen remodel ideas should be applied without any hesitation. If you are in hurry when decorating the cooking room, it will look ugly since you do not make a plan.

The kitchen is nice with an island countertop. If you think that there is much left room in the kitchen, you can decorate the center space with a kitchen island. Your old kitchen island will be fascinating to view if it comes with a new top. You can have the countertop decorated with mosaic pattern if you want to enjoy a unique look.

This mosaic pattern can come in different color. You can combine the broken ceramic glass in blue, red, brown, and yellow. These jumbled colors make the countertop of your island fascinating. However, if you go with modern kitchen remodel ideas, avoid using complicated object in the counter surface. You can keep it simple by having the mosaic kitchen island in black and white color. Thus, you can avoid any busy pattern on the island. Then Kitchen Island and other cabinets can be painted in white or black. It can define the monochromatic effect in the cooking room. Those who have a country kitchen can select the island decorated with distressed black style.

The top can be made from wood too. It can come in distressed stained wood. You can cover it with white and red checkerboard table top to bring the country feeling. This table top can make your dining activity more comfortable with family. You can increase their appetite since the red and white combo bring good mood.

Now think about the decoration above the island. You can make it adorable by installing a series of pendant lighting above the island. It can come in colorful shades of light if you want to create unique design. Those who want to enjoy romantic feeling can install fairy light on kitchen remodel ideas.

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