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Curtains Design Ideas To Jazz Up The Window

Wednesday, April 10th 2013. | Furniture

You can jazz up the window by presenting the best curtains design ideas. Curtain is not only used to block the high intensity of sun light. It can represent the decorative style in the living room, dining room and bedroom.  You can have a comfortable and beautiful bedroom with a new curtain.

Making the room colorful can be done by using the bold shade of curtain to set on the window. Curtain is a part of the interior designs that you should never neglect.

But if you live in a very small house with low light, you can keep the window in bare accent. The style and design of curtain is various. You can pick the one in feminine style. You can go with fancy flourished curtain.  The curtains design ideas are perfect to adorn the daughter’s bedroom. You can have it made in with pretty ribbon. Usually this curtain is sewn handmade. It can banish the boring effect for you can bring it done in various colors and patterns. You can have it decorated with brooches, ribbon, shelves, pom pom and button.

If you like to enjoy the modern feeling in the living room, you can install a layered curtain design. You need to install a sheer curtain first before you set a think curtain from ceiling to floor. This curtain can block and maintain your privacy well. If you want to make the room unique and vintage, you can choose the dyed curtain. It comes in a single tone but you can bring it in sublet, dark and medium shade.  It brings you back in the era of 1960s. You can go with colors of taupe, black and gray to make it vintage.  The saturated tone is popular not only as curtains design ideas, but also for clothing, sofa, upholstery and pants.

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