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Decorate Room with Fairy Lights Ideas

Sunday, August 17th 2014. | Bedroom, Lighting

A bedroom when it is installed with the fairy lights it may look more dramatic. Yup, fairy lights are the right choice if the homeowner wants to add more dramatic accent by the lighting. The lighting even can be installed anywhere of what you want. But sure, to decorate room with fairy lights you need have the ideas where there the fairy lighting will be installed. In decorating with fairy lights ideas for the bedroom, you can follow the ideas below.

To decorate room with fairy lights, there are some spaces that will create a dramatic bedroom design. First fairy lights bedroom decoration is in the bedroom doors. Doors can be decorated with this fairy light. The light that has vibrant accent will bring the first feeling for the bedroom owner when they are going to enter to the bedroom especially for girl kids. They will get amazed by the door decoration with the lights.


Second space to decorate room with fairy lights, you can install the fairy lights on the ceiling. Ceiling is also the right place to add the vibrant scene from the lightings. Here you just need the ideas of the shape and accent that you will create by the fairy lights on the ceiling. The accents can be made also by the color selection of the lighting. The ceiling space that you can install, it can be in the corner, near the center ceiling of the bed furniture and others.


If you love to decorate room with fairy lights for the windows or curtains, it will also look more festive. The curtain with lighting may be just few people who has applied or decorated the curtain with fairy lights. But it doesn’t mean that the lighting will not look good. It is even more dramatic by the curtains when it is moving then the lights will move also.




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