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Decorating Beautiful Curtain for Window or Your View

Sunday, July 20th 2014. | Bedroom, Interior Design, Living Room

Curtain is the layered of your house for giving the privacy in your house from the outside or sidewalks. Curtain is also installed for giving the aesthetic appeal in your house. The good and appropriate curtain will absolutely beautify your house in the simple and elegant way. Since curtain is the first thing of your house which can be seen from outside. Installing the appropriate curtain is important for beautify your house and protecting your view.


Using the appropriate and suitable curtain for your house is the important one. You will get the decorating curtain which beautifies your house based in its function. There are some curtain designs which have its characteristic. Translucent curtain will avoid the sunlight partially and does not give the privacy at night. If you are gaining the privacy curtain function, opaque curtains is suggested. Opaque curtain is suitable for controlling the light in the night. You can use the sheer or net curtain for giving the extra partial light control for your house.


Since the various curtain designs, you can choose which suitable for your house. Curtain valance is the pleated heading curtain which is decorated with ribbon, tassels and trimmings. Cascade curtain is the hung curtain from the transoms. Commonly, it uses two or more curtains of the window. Shirred curtain use the curtain rods for the threaded fabric from the top and bottom. Tie back curtains will decorate your lower curtain’s part with the sleeve.


Decorating beautiful curtain will completely give you the beautiful house and protecting your view from the outside of the house. You will give layer of the house which can protect your privacy inside the room. You will avoid the direct sunlight in the afternoon and the lighting from other house in the night. You have the double function of the curtain for beautify your house and protect your house. That is nice!




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