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Indian Decorating Ideas With Rangoli Floor Design

Sunday, April 6th 2014. | Floor

 Indian decorating ideas are always associated with vibrant hues with ethnic and exotic images not only on the wall but also on the floor and door. People love Indian home decor since it can carry unique feeling without reducing the luxury and elegant ideas in the living room. Decorating the wall in Indian home is easy. You just have to hunt some interesting pieces of wall tapestries and wall hanging made in Indian carved design. What about the floor treatment in Indian home? You can make it vibrant by using rangoli decoration. This is an exclusive design that you can use to bring authentic feeling in the living room or hallway.

Indian decorating ideas rangoli carpet

Indian floor decorating with rangolo carpet

You can bring a wonderful look on the hallways by using this design. You can make it during the festive celebration at home. Many people coming from Indian have this rangoli decoration when they want to celebrate various occasions such as marriage and ritual festivals. Decorating ideas Indian are always filled with amazing colors, patterns and shapes. You can make the motif which can present the Indian pattern. The flower petal should be seen on the floor to make your hallwayore romantic to view.

Indian Decorating Ideas With Rangoli Floor Design

Even though this flooring treatment is not great to use for daily activities, you can make the hallway appear elegant and nice when you want to have a big celebration with family at home. Having dinner with your partner is also nice with candles and flowers. It can make them flatter with your ways of decorating at home. Don’t forget to note on the mood at home. You create a full Indian look. You need to have the curtain in the room made from sparkling and beaded sari material. The statues of temples are great to use as the centerpieces on the end table of your decorating ideas Indian.

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