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Decorating Living Room Deco

Saturday, April 27th 2013. | Living Room

Living room deco can be one of the best home designs that you can set to treat the sitting room at home. I believe that you have used many themes to treat the living room to look new.

An art deco style is not considered as the most popular option to follow. If you get tired with minimalist or modern house design, you can pick art deco to deliver new look. You can bring the combination of modern and classy style in the room. The furnishing is simple, soft and sleek to have.

You can set a sleek sofa in the sitting room as the focal point. It can be in off white color to evoke the modern and classy style. If you want to adorn the window covering, pick the curtain made in retro print. You can have it in tie dyed or floral pattern. If you want to set a coffee table in the living room deco, pick the one made from sleek and shining wooden table. If you want to add luxury in the room, you can set silver floor lamps for more illumination. The items used in the room like a framed mirror, photo, or vases can feature the silver shining accent. They can make the room bigger with more reflective surface.

If you want to enjoy romantic style, the wrought iron material is perfect for accenting the living room. You can have the chairs made in wrought iron along with wall sconces, vases and potteries. The classic style in the room is presented by incorporating the retro style. You can pick the flaming fabric to deliver the open space design. If you want to have comfortable floor, you can spread a retro printed area rug under the coffee table. Then you can decorate living room deco with metallic furnishing.

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