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Dining Room 2013 With Casual Design

Saturday, May 25th 2013. | Dining Room

Dining room 2013 is much influenced with the right color, arrangement of furniture and dimension of your room. A certain design in the dining space is effective to influence the appetite and mood of the people. If you pick the wrong color, you can make the people frustrated and anxious when eating and having conversation in the room.

Most people use this dining room as a place for gathering with family and friends. It has been used that way for a long time. You need to go with the right hues when you like to evoke casual feeling. The color palette used for your furniture and wall should be nice and perfect.

If you like to encourage people to eat more in dining room 2013, you can dominate the room with combination of orange and brick red. Both colors are wonderful to create an excitement. The environment will be too striking if your do not introduce the third color for eliminating the striking effect. The accessories and centerpieces can be in earthy tones like tan, rust, beige, taupe, sandy coral, peach and cream. For instance, you can have the table linen, curtain, and area rug in beige. The wall can be painted in brunt orange.

When you shop for new dining chairs, pick the upholstery in maroon or brick red color. This combo can evoke coziness and comfort. There are some colors that you should avoid if you do not want to suppress the appetite and mood. Both blue and black can reduce your eating activity. It is better for you to skip both tones and replace them with white. This color can increase the snacking and eating activity. To make the dining room casual, you should present the casual furniture pieces. Skip the bulky and shining dining table and chairs. You can have dining room 2013 decorated with wicker or rattan pieces.

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