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Eclectic Design In A Good Harmony

Sunday, May 5th 2013. | Interior Design

Many people avoid eclectic design for they do not want to represent any clutter in the room. If you can create the style in a good harmony, you will love to have eclectic plan at home.

You can enjoy wonderful style for it makes you preoccupied with colors, styles, and decorative pieces. You do not need to make it look devastating by using too many pieces. If you love travelling around the world, you can get the home decor inspiration from various cultural products. You can have the room decorated by combining the style of Indonesian, Japanese, Indian, Moroccan, Arabian, African, or even Chinese decors.

You can make the room look exotic if you can present a fabulous effect when you mix and match different pieces from many countries in the world.  The overall feeling in the room should look well. When you incorporate style in eclectic design, you should be careful. You should never present conflict since it can make your living room look ugly.  You can combine African, Moroccan and Indian home decors for all of them carry the similar styles, elements and characters.

It will be so wrong if you combine Japanese decoration with Indian style. Japanese style is characterized in tranquil setting with neutral colors, simple furniture and natural look. In contrast, Indian home decor offers you with rich shades, intricate pattern and lush feeling. If you want to enjoy eclectic in Japanese home, you can mix it with Korean, Chinese and modern designs. You can mix and match different home decors. You can pick a mosaic patterned coffee table to make the living room sparkling. Then you can set a beaded mirror in floral pattern. The sofa in the living room can be upholstered in animal print to present African and Moroccan eclectic design ideas in the living space.

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