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Eclectic Living Room Decor With Ethnic Items

Saturday, April 20th 2013. | Living Room

Eclectic living room decor can make your plain room alive. The bold color with some ethic and ethnic decor can be used to bring new air in the room. The atmosphere shared in the room is totally flattering and beautiful with the unique items and decors on the wall, table or fireplace mantle.

The living room should come in vibrant and entertaining design for you need to welcome the guests here. There are many types of ethnic designs that you can set in the room. You can gain the inspiration from the Indian, American, African, Moroccan, Indonesian, Polynesian or even Persian home decors.

If you love to enjoy the reality and peacefulness in the room, you can go with Thailand, Japanese Chinese or Korean design. All of them set the home decor on simplicity and practicality. Mixing different style in eclectic living room decor is unique and changeling for the home owners who love with home improvement decor. If you like to enjoy the bold and spicy look at home, you can get the inspiration from the Aztec or Mayan home decor.

You can adorn the wall in the room with warm tones like rust, red, orange and sunset yellow. You can combine Spanish decor with Southwestern, Mexican or Italian home styles. You can set an artistic work of art for the wall hanging. You can go with an imitation of artistic artifact to adorn the wall. If you have fireplace in the room, you can dress it up with some figurines of Mayan and Aztec civilization. If you want to bring relaxing feeling in the room, you can choose Thailand and Japanese home decor to make the room simple and nice. You can go with earthy and neutral colors like white, beige, and tan to adorn the wall. You can set a tatami mat on the floor of eclectic living room decor.

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