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Excellent Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Wednesday, May 1st 2013. | Living Room

Decor ideas for small living room should come in excellent design so that you can represent beauty in the living room. Even though your living room is so small, it does not mean that you have to forbid decorating the space with some knick knacks and interesting piece.

Just ensure that the furnishing can go simple and fresh. Pick the best style which will never make your living space look busy and restricted. The simple furnishing is much desirable since it can carry elegance. The plain sofa in the living room can be decorated when you set some toss pillows.

Use the simple toss pillows in bold color to make the plain sofa stand out. If you have a lot of collectibles to display, you can install a shelving unit on the wall. Arrange the collectibles in favorable ways so that the guests are impressed with your pieces of art. Those who like to carry the formal look in when picking the decor ideas for small living room can choose a modern tapestry. There are many online stores offering the customers with modern style of tapestries in various images and colors. If you like to make it go well with modern feeling, you can have the tapestries depicting the geometric or abstract art.

The scene of ocean, forest and landscape are good for the alternative tapestries. Choose the right color which can contrast with the wall paint in the room. For instance, if the wall comes in white color, you can choose the tapestries in gray, black, red or limes green combos to make it stand out. When it comes to modern small living room design, you should note on the illumination. Avoid crystal chandelier. You can choose an overhead light in decor ideas for small living room made from brushed nickel.

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