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Exclusive Range of Floor Standing Mirrors

Tuesday, September 30th 2014. | Bedroom, Dining Room, Interior Design

Have you ever noticed the other style of mirror other than hanging mirror and dressing table mirror in your room? Yeah, floor standing mirrors is one style of mirror that is less common for some people. Although it is less common, many designs and colors are available for floor standing mirrors. One of the most popular brands of mirror is The Range. This brand also offers several designs of floor standing mirrors that can be as the alternative for homeowners. These several products from The Range below might inspire you in choosing the best floor standing mirrors.


Sherwood Oak Cheval Mirror.This exclusive range of floor standing mirrors has a simple long rectangular shape with oak wooden frame. The standing feature behind the mirror also made from oak wood. Having 134 cm as its height, this product is a full mirror which is made from Sherwood wood and mirror as basic materials. With 35 cm width and 44.5 depth, this product is sold £29.99.


Sherwood White Cheval Mirror.The next product of floor standing floor from The Range is similar to the previous one as it is made Sherwood and mirror as basic materials. The length, width, and depth are exactly the same with Sherwood Oak Cheval Mirror. One thing that differentiates between this product and the previous one is the color of the frame and standing feature behind the mirror. As seen from its name, white becomes the choice of the color that can be used for any room with simple and stylish design. This product is sold £29.99.


Dress Mirror with Jewelry Storage.  This dress mirror with jewelry storage is the next exclusive range of floor standing mirrors that applies stylish and practical addition to the homeowners’ bedroom. This mirror comes in white and has designed spaces for any type of jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. The dimension of the mirror is also different than the two previous with 41.5 cm width, 146 cm height, and 37 cm depth. This mirror is available from £69.99.





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