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Exquisite Moroccan Home Decor

Friday, April 12th 2013. | House Design, Interior Design

Moroccan home decor is rich, regal and ethnic. You can represent the cultural decor in the living room to make it trendy and rich. The Moroccan design is always influenced by the style of African, Indian, Asian and Middle East decor. You can make diverse style in the room.

Decorating the living room or bedroom using Moroccan decor is fun for you can make the house look like an exotic paradise island. You can get the inspiration from the natural surroundings. The color schemes used in the home decor should rich and vibrant.

You can pick the combo of blue and green area rug when you like to represent the ocean style in the Moroccan living room. The window covering can be made in purple color. If you like to adorn the sofa, you can choose velvet red colored toss pillow. The wall tapestries used in the room can bring the imperial style in gold, silver and yellow accent. The stained glass panes can deliver the sparkling effect in Moroccan home decor. You can go for traditional style if you choose the natural material for the home decor.

You can have the curtain made from velvet or silk brocade. If you want to shop for an area rug, you can choose the one made from wool. You can go wild when you want to adorn the floor. For example, you can shop for a faux tiger, cheetah or leopard skin rug. If you want to have a small coffee table with extra storage space, you can choose a tribal patterned ottoman. You can bring the mystique style by installing Moroccan lantern on the room. If you want to have new furniture pieces, you can pick a distinctive style by using a sofa upholstered in camel, cow or goat leather. The jewel mosaic pattern is great to define the wall in Moroccan home decor.

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