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Family Photos as Home Decorating Pictures

Tuesday, October 7th 2014. | Interior Design, Living Room

You cannot let the wall of your house plain and empty without any color or decoration to make it looks beautiful. However it is not easy to pick proper picture to be hung, especially if you live with your family since usually each person has different taste. The best option to solve the problem can be placing family photos surround your house as the decoration. It may look odd and traditional if you just hang it without considering the artistic aspect. Here are some tips to use family photos as home decorating pictures.


Photo Arrangements.  The first thing to be considered is the arrangement of the photos. Do not worry to have eight to ten photos to be hung in one spot, but do not forget to arrange it in some kind of formation to make it interesting and good to look at. The easier arrangement is to place it in puzzle model. Put eight photos of your children in the living room with varied arrangement in both horizontal and vertical combination. Talk with your family members which photos which will be the best to be your home decorating pictures.

Framing. Picture rails and similar kind of framing can be a solution to arrange you family photo inside your house. Various photos of your family members and some pictures which you take during holidays can be good to be placed on picture rail. In such a placement, you can tell the guests about your wonderful journey during the holidays with your family. Do not forget to match the color of the trail and frames of the photos so it will not look odd and imbalance.


Stick it Together. If you are bored with classic and traditional photo arrangements, you can try to stick the photos to cover your furniture. Lampshade is one of the stuffs which you can use as the base of your photo. Forget about frame of trail, just prepare some photos of your family members or your wedding photos as home decorating pictures and stick it together around the lampshade.





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