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Fascinating Design for Small Modern Elegant House

Friday, February 22nd 2013. | House Design

The small modern elegant house is not only about neutral accents or even metal accents. You can make it look like a nice paradise with perfect decors and accessories. Using the repurposed items found on your basement or attic can be the best idea since you do not need to spend a lot of cash for purchasing new items.

The window frames and furniture hardware can be painted with new shade if you want to deliver new air in the room. Remodeling the modern house to look elegant is easy to do. You just have to dress up the room with simple and sleek items and appliances.

Begin the decoration on the architectural elements. You can use the sliding wall, glass wall and skylight to make the small modern elegant house more open to view. It can bring breezy air if you always open the window during the day. If you want to block the light, you can choose sheer curtain or roman shade. Now think about the new palette in the room. To carry the elegant and opulent look, you can opt for the wooden tones.

Choose the medium to dark tone for it can deliver the formal and fine quality. The light colored wood only brings casual style. You can choose the natural dark wooden tone like mahogany or cherry red. The layout in the house is important to decide. When you arrange the furniture, you need to set great arrangement. Don’t let the furniture bother the traffic in the room. The window and door opening should not be interrupted with the placement of your furniture. You need to choose the sleek furniture made in classic or contemporary style to minimize the consumption of the space. Don’t forget to add overhead light in small modern elegant house for bright and open illumination at night.

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