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Feminine Baby Girl Themes

Tuesday, February 12th 2013. | Interior Design

Modern Feminine Baby Girl Themes

There are many baby girl themes to choose. The parents who want to welcome a baby girl should be ready for decorating their room. Various designs are available. You can make the nursery look fun, cheerful, feminine and soft. Choose the high quality product for you need to give the best design for your girl.

The bedding and functional pieces should be safe for the girl. If you want to deliver feminine style, you can choose the flower and butterfly theme. The wall can be adorned with different patterns and stencils. You can set it look like garden by adorning the wall with soft color palette. Then you can attach the wallpaper of vines, flowers, fences, butterflies and lady bugs.

Choose a focal wall. If you accent the rest of the wall, the baby girl room looks too busy. If you have more cash to hire an artist, you have it adorned with the images of plants, flowers and white picket fencing to resemble the French country garden. Princess bedroom is one of the feminine baby girl themes to choose. There are many princess themes to pick. You can have the bedding, wallpaper and curtain with the prints of Ariel, jasmine, Rapunzel or Cinderella. The window can be adorned with shining satin or vinyl shade.

The pillow and area rug can feature such princess theme too. You can make the baby girl look like a fairly land with mural of a castle with a prince and princess. You can adorn the room with color combo of green, pink, lavender and blue. If you want to create a sense of magic, you can choose the angel theme. You can adorn the wall with white cloud, soft blue sky, and gold stars. You can combine soft blue with lavender or pink. The lavender color can be applied on the chenille chairs for your baby girl themes.

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