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Feng Shui Living Room Decoration

Thursday, August 22nd 2013. | Living Room

Promote the positive energy by using feng shui living room. Feng Shui is originated from China. When you want to promote the sense of relaxation, you can use this type of decoration in the house.

Begin the redecorating process by looking at the entrance of the house. You need to make sure that this space looks calm, simple and fun. The guests will be disappointed if the entrance looks ugly and messy. You need to avoid any obstruction when decorating the entrance.

Remove all clutter in the space. Thus, the positive energy in the entrance will be increased before you guests coming inside the living room. The feng shui living room can be accentuated by the usage of natural light. During the day, you need to maximize the natural light. Avoid the artificial light as much as you can. The small living room will be great if you can equip it with light fabric for the window dressing. It will never block the natural light. Some people also install a skylight to increase the light. There are many types of seating furniture that you can shop on the stores.

If your living room is created in big space, you can set a lazy boy, chairs, sofa, and armchair and bean bag. Ensure that all seats in the living room can face the front door. It makes them more comfortable to see who coming in and out of the room. The selection and placement of furniture pieces should be in balance proportion. If the room is small, lightweight furniture is more preferable. The center of the room should be free from any seats; you can set a coffee table. It can be made from glass top or full wooden box. Add a mirror in the living room to reflect the light. The feng shui living room looks wonderful with a mirror located on the staircase or fireplace wall.

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