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Formal Living Room with Stylish Design

Thursday, July 11th 2013. | Living Room

Enjoy the stylish design with formal living room. A living room is a place space where you can execute many types of activities here. The kids can play in the living room and you can watch favorite movies. The mess will be everywhere if you cannot maintain the style in the room.

When some business partners make a visit, you will be embarrassed with such cluttered impression in the living room. You need to make it look professional and formal if this space is used for business meeting and other business purposes.

You need to decorate it with the rich, expensive and decorative pieces to make the guests impressed. Always remember to forbid the kids playing in formal living room. You need to have a small spot for kids when they like to play with friends. You can see playful and game room in the attic or garage. Thus, the formal feeling in the living room is never eliminated. Ensure that you can preserve the symmetrical decoration rather than the asymmetrical one.

Even though the furniture pieces, accessories and knick knacks are made to support the formal mood, you need to make the living room cozy and friendly to access. Don’t make the guests look awkward and uncomfortable to sit on the space. Choose vivid tones to define the elements in the living room. You can go with khaki or blue wall to carry relaxing mood. The comfortable furniture should come in upholstered design. You can avoid the printed upholstery because it can make the living room busy. You can keep it simple, formal and classic. Set a focal point in the living room. If it’s fitted with a fireplace, you can focus the decorative effect on the structure. You can set a big family picture on the formal living room wall.

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