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Funky Colored Bedrooms for Boys

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Bedroom

Boys love to enjoy funky colored bedrooms. Bedroom does not have to look relaxing all of the time. You can make it look funky if the space is used for boys. They want to enjoy flourishing style in the sleeping room.

You can choose the simple style to create cozy effect in the bedroom without banishing the funky colors. The wall can be decorated with bright shades. You can choose blues, oranges, yellows, whites and grey. The shades of orange will never make your bedroom look feminine if you can combine it with other shades.

The focus is on the main shades. You need to pick a bright one which can deliver the characters of funky colored bedrooms. Then you can mix it with neutral shades to decrease the overwhelming style by using tan, beige, cream, white, and gray. Thus, you can create balance in the bedroom. The bedding can come in a theme. If your boys love to enjoy transportation theme, it can be in the prints of car, air plane, ship, or bike. Super hero characters such as superman, batman, and Spiderman are famous and popular among kids.

You just have to ask their favorite cartoon characters. You can apply them as the wallpaper in the bedroom. The classic style is also presented here if you want to make it a bit vintage. You can choose Noah the Ark wallpaper to decorate the wall. When it comes about decorating a boy’s bedroom, you can go in simple and modern design. You can preserve the paint by focusing on the solid colors. Pick monochromatic colors for black, white and grey to make the bedroom tranquil and funky. If you hate with grey, choose silver tone. Use edgy furniture pieces to make the funky colored bedrooms stand out when you sleep here.

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