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Furniture Design 2013 with Dark Green Sofa

Monday, October 21st 2013. | Furniture, Interior Design

Dark green sofa is a hot item that people can use to renew the style in their furniture design 2013. Having a dark green sofa in the middle of your living room is a great gift if you always want to enjoy a stylish design.

It can decorate the modern or even traditional home depending on the ways you apply the wall color, accessories, layout and style for furniture. However, many home owners face difficulties when they have to decorate the living room with a dark green sofa located in the middle for the room. You need to find the right wall which can match the look for the dark green sofa.

If your sofa comes in dark color, you need to reduce the effect with light tone on the wall. It can be colored in off white to create romantic effect. If you want to enjoy a monochromatic feeling, a mint green wall is a good option. The darkness for green sofa should be fitted with light tone. When you want to decorate the sofa, you can set some off white toss pillows. The coffee table in the middle for the living room can be decorated the furniture design 2013 made from oak. It can make the room vibrant and fresh with tan or beige color.

A patterned rug can banish the boring feeling if all items in the living room come in plain pattern. You can pick the tribal or floral pattern. Enjoy a simple cohesion in the living room by having the window treatment with a simple curtain made in white color. You can enjoy a lot of sunlight if you choose a sheer curtain with floral textures. Pick the curtain rod in stylish and shining design to make your furniture design 2013 more amazing.

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