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Gray Living Room Ideas with Metallic Colors

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Living Room

Gray living room ideas are always connected with gloomy and untidy feeling. By picking the right color combo in the living room, you can make the gray living room interesting and bright. There are many tones of gray to choose.

You can pick the bluish gray or purple gray to enjoy romantic feeling in the living room. Both offer you with light and soft tones. If you want to make it modern, you can go with firm gray and light gray. I suggest you to avoid the dark gray color for it can carry bleak feeling in the living room unless you use this tone as the accent in the room.

Enjoy sparkling decorating with unique design by combining gray with metallic colors. You are wrong if metallic color only comes in silver. You can go with other hot metallic colors in the shade of blue, pink, green, yellow or orange. The style brings you sophisticated and futuristic design in modern living room. Gray living room ideas can be defined with edgy furniture pieces in white color to reduce the overbearing effect. Decorate the wall with light gray. Then you can make the accessories in metallic color. If you want a bit refreshing style choose the metallic color for the painting, mirror frame and vases in green.

The white color is perfect to set on the curtain, area rug and sofa upholstery. Decorate the sofa with metallic green toss pillows. Ensure that all items in the room look futuristic. Install the fixtures in the room such as the floor lamp structure, pendant lighting, and hardware in silver frame. It can create the chic design in the living room. There is no need for you to use any pattern because your gray living room ideas will look too busy and complicated.

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