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Gray Living Room Paint In Modern Design

Tuesday, April 16th 2013. | Living Room

Gray living room paint is the best decision when you like to enjoy fresh and new modern design at home. Gray looks nice for it can bring calm effect in the room.  You can use it to serve both casual and formal functions. You can make the room look cool by using gray as the dominant color in the room.

The color can be used to treat the wall. Pick the shade of gray which can bring cool effect. The dark shade of gray should not be chosen since it can make your small living room look even smaller. The floor in the room should be noted. You can pick hardwood flooring in dark color like black or deep brown.

Expose the grain of your hardwood floor to make it elegant and classic. If you want to enjoy cozy floor, you can install full carpeting in creamy white color. It can be made in pattern if the wall comes in plain look. You can go with geometric pattern for the floor. Gray living room paint can look minimalist. You can shop for the furniture in streamlined design. You do not need to choose the gray furniture for it can bring similar look with gray wall.

You need to bring contrasting effect without making the room plain and boring. You can choose deep brown furniture if it comes in formal design. If you choose the casual modern design, you can shop for a white colored sofa with a black coffee table. If you like to enjoy unique style in the room, you can choose a bold red colored sofa with a black coffee table with glass top. The toss pillow can be made in gray color with red or white piping. The curtain in gray living room paint is nice in white or creamy color.

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