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High Class Design In Small Formal Living Room Ideas

Monday, May 27th 2013. | Living Room

Small formal living room ideas can bring a high class design if you can be a smart interior decorator. You can make it fun and fresh by using formal colors to decorate the wall, floor, ceiling and accessories. Add a hint of black, dark brown and hunter green for the color for your furniture pieces.

Even though you do not preserve any modern or traditional style in the room, you need to make it formal by playing with colors. Formal room should be avoided from the presence on bright colors such as sunny yellow, mustard yellow, lime green or cobalt blue.

You can enjoy formal feeling with elegant look by combining the style with solid and muted colors. Select the color scheme in the room. You can choose beige or tan for both can create a warm environment in the room. If you want to make it fresh, you can add mint green or pastel blue in the room. You can go with saturated colors for they can make the room fabulous. For example, you can combine the shades of brown to make your small formal living room ideas excellent. Dominate the living room with beige, tan, dark brown, creamy white, ivory white, and rust. Think about the illumination in the living room.

You can make it sparkle by adding a silver framed chandelier. It can be the main lighting in the space. If you want to make it relaxing, you can add a table lamp. If you want to add a bold statement in the room, you can choose a brushed nickel floor lamp near the need table. It can be used for illuminating your space when you want to take a nap. It can make you feel the tranquility and peacefulness in the small formal living room ideas.

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