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How To Apply 2013 Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Sunday, August 25th 2013. | Bedroom

2013 paint colors for bedrooms can make your boring sleeping area have a new style. Even though you only present a touch of simple color, it can bring dramatic effect in the sleeping room. Making your bedroom cozy and fresh is not difficult.

You just have to pick the right combo. The colors are not only gained from the look of a new wall, but also on the look of a carpet, window dressing, chairs, plants and throw pillows. Pastel colors are great for the home owner who wants to promote serenity in the bedroom.

You can paint the wall with pastel shades since they can deliver the calming feeling. The dark trim curtain can make the wall adorable. If you want to enjoy a conservative feeling with 2013 paint colors for bedrooms, you can use cool colors such as mint green, relaxing blue or lilac. Then you can pair them with clean and soft lines. Add a modern feeling in the bedroom by using the contemporary furniture. You can also decorate the floor with tile material. It can carry vibrant effect since the wall comes in plain style.

Those who want to promote simplicity in the bedroom can use the light and neutral shades. You can make the bedroom fresh and relaxing. If the room is used by a woman, you can add a touch of feminine shades such as lilac, pink, hot pink or indigo. If your bedroom is made in weird shape, you can increase the style by focusing on the contrasting colors. For example, you can paint the wall in white, while the furniture in the bedroom comes in black color.

Don’t forget to note on the ceiling color. Many home owners neglect the look of this space. If you want to make the ceiling higher, you can pick the 2013 paint colors for bedrooms in white.

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