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How to Get the Exotic Look with Moroccan Interior Design

Wednesday, October 9th 2013. | Interior Design

Moroccan interior design is getting popular day by day. When people come to your house, the first thing that comes to their mind is your interior design. They will scrutinize the color, furniture, decoration, motif, pattern, wall hanging and furnishing in your living room.

The public space will be scrutinized in detail so that the guests can perceive the untidiness in your home. Moroccan decoration is easy to apply. You just need to know the colors which mainly use in the living room. You need to make it rich and exciting by using emerald green. It can bring the fresh look.

Avoid the drab and plain design in Moroccan decoration because it not suitable with the theme. You need to combine rich and vivid colors in Moroccan interior design. The wall decor in the living room should come in wonderful design. You can pick the tapestries with gold embroidery. Choose these striking colors of orange, red and pink to make your room adorable. Look at the floor. Even though the floor is always neglected by the home owners, you can make it eye popping with a Moroccan rug. Most rugs made in Moroccan design are intricate and heavy. It comes in decorative accent on the border and image. Pick the floral pattern up with burgundy color.

If the rug is small, thick and decorative, you can install it as the wall hanging in the room. Many people use it as the focal point on their living room. What about the fabric used in the living room? You can pick the luxury one made from silk or satin. It can bring shining effect with smooth textures. You can enjoy a textured look by mixing the fabric with brocade or chenille. If you have to spread some toss pillows on the red sofa, choose the ones with pattern of crosses, zigzag, eight point or geometry pattern to increase the value for Moroccan interior design.

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