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How to Repair a Leaky Pipe

Friday, July 4th 2014. | Bathroom, Kitchen

Housing problems is the things that are usually happened. You might do not know how to handle such problems. One of the difficult housing problems that might come to you is handling the leaky pipe. You actually can handle this big thing in a small simple ways. You can repair by your own in some simple steps. Here are the simple steps that you can follow to repair your leaky pipe and you do not need to replace the new one.

The first step is by preparing the materials that you need to repair this leaky pipe. All you need to prepare are the water resistant tape and choose the specific one or the exclusive pipe tape, the pipe rubber, and the epoxy. These three materials, you can find in the materials store. After preparing this whole things, find the leaky spot of the pipe. After that, turn of the water valve and turn on the faucet to make sure that the pipe is in the empty condition. Let the pipe dry first.


The second step is by starting to use those all of the materials. After you let the pipe dry, use the puffy knife to apply the epoxy in the area of your leaky pipe. Make sure first that it is totally dry, because you do not want this repair is wasteful. Then, cover the leaky pipe with the pipe rubber and make them fit tightly. Let them dry in a view hours and make sure that the eater valve still off to avoid the water flow during this drying process.


Until a view couple hours, cover the pipe rubber with the water resistant pipe tape. Cover the outer part of the pipe rubber to make sure that there will be no more undesirable flow. Strengthen the tight by making the double tape toward the pipe rubber. These simple things are really the answer.



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