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Indian Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Intricate Fixtures

Monday, April 14th 2014. | Bedroom, Interior Design

The intricate fixtures such as candle holder, chandelier, mirror, and lamps are well known in Indian bedroom decorating ideas. Indian bedroom decor is always associated with exotic and sensual look. You can have the fixtures representing the luxury feeling with silver or gold shade. Decorate the wall in the Indian bedroom with a mirror. It can come in various shapes such as oval, round or square. The main point is not on the shape, but on the frame. To enjoy the opulent feeling, you can choose the frame made in gold pleated design. It should feature the elaborate pattern.


The lighting is very important not only to illuminate the bedroom, but also to bring a mood in the space. You will never perceive a romantic and sensual mood if the room is not filled with dim lighting. Avoid turning on the main chandelier on the ceiling. You just have to turn it off. Then you can light up the candles located on the gold patterned candleholder. If you want to make it nice, you can set a bowl of candles on the window sill for excellent Indian bedroom decorating ideas. The hardware on the furniture, door and window should come in similar fixture.


You can install a gold color on the hardware to suit other fixtures in the bedroom. The fabrics in the Indian bedroom look great if they are combined with gold color. You can have the window dressing decorated with gold embroidery on its border. The toss pillow is wow with the ruffle or fringe in gold color. The wall in Indian bedroom can come in neutral tones if you apply too much gold color. If you choose a bold color on the wall, it can make the space too busy. You need apply the wall in Indian bedroom decorating ideas with beige, white or ecru.




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