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Indian Living Room Photos with Vibrant Hues

Tuesday, March 25th 2014. | Living Room

Many people who love to enjoy vibrant feeling in the house can look at the Indian living room photos. Indian living room design is always famous with vibrant and striking hues. You can increase the decoration in the living room by using Indian furniture, color, knick knack, and accessories. If you have gone to India and visit many palaces there, you will be amazed with color of decorative items. The crown molding is always seen on the architectural design. The curvy and intricate pillars make the palace superb and beautiful.


There is no need to pick the intricate style if your living room comes in small space. It will make the room look tinier. You can make it Indian without using any elaborative pieces. Look at the colors based on some Indian living room photos that you have gathered form the internet. You can repaint the wall with new shades. You can go with various colors of oranges, yellows, greens, violet and blues. Pick the striking version of those tones. If you want to enjoy a mural feeling in Indian living room, you can spread full carpeting made from Indian pattern and design on the floor.

The people can sit on the floor when they want to gather and have conversation. Set some fluffy toss pillows with several individual tables. The pillows should be covered from silk, satin, velvet or fleece pillow shams which increase the richness in Indian living room. If you want to create an open feeling in the living room, you can separate the dining room and living room by installing a magnificent and heavy curtain. It can be made in burgundy color with decorative trimming line and gold embroidery. Find more ideas on Indian living room photos if you want to make it traditional or rustic.




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