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Indian Style Living Room Interiors With Handmade Items

Saturday, April 20th 2013. | Living Room

Indian style living room interiors look nice and decorative if you can set handmade item in the room. The people who like to enjoy the bold and rich effect in the room can choose Indian home decor. It can make your plain décor should look warm, ethnic and decorative.

The artistic style is accentuated on the architectural design. You can go with big and intricate design to define the hallways. The bold colors should be presented when you want to adorn the living room, bedroom, or even dining room. But the public space where you can entertain the guests is much important to decorate.

Before you redecorate other rooms, you need to give more attention on the living room design. You can make the Indian style living room interiors look authentic by presenting the handmade items in the room. The fabricant items are not great to have for they cannot present the genuine feeling in the house. The lush and decorative accent can be seen if you can paint the wall in rich shade. You can have it in emerald or jade color. Then you can install wall shelves in intricate and traditional style. Then you can adorn the shelves with hand painted Indian ceramics or potteries in the room.

If you have a vase of flower, you can add a peacock feather to bring lush color in the Indian living room. The space in the room looks adorable if you can set a light color on the floor and ceiling to bring harmonious design with bold effect of wall paint. The ceramics, vases and potteries should bring contrast with the color of the wall and shelves. For example, if the wall is made in jade green accent, you can have the ceramic and pottery in white or gold color. The wall shelves in Indian style living room interiors can be painted in soft violet color for impressive luxury style.

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